Nips – Choosing the right ones to prevent RSI

Often used by Steel fixers, Nips or Ear clamp pliers are a must in any formworker tool belt as well. Nips help labourers, carpenters and apprentices de-nail plywood. As helpful as the tool can be, having the wrong type of nips for your hand size can cause the operator all sorts of pain. Carpal tunnel in the hand, wrist and forearm being the main pain from RSI injury. If you start to feel this pain, take a break from using your nips (Ear clamp pliers) you can prevent further injury and save your arm.

The most important preventative measure is to make sure you buy the right type of nips for you. The distance the two handles are away from each other is important as well as the distance you will need to open the handles to grip a 3 inch nail. This often translates to the longer the handles the easier nips are to open. However there is a trade-off, the weight of the bloody things…. the longer the nip handles the heavier the nips are and the larger the impact of the RSI injury every time you open the tool in your hand.

At Formwork Life, we understand your pain because at some time or the other all us Admins have used the wrong type of Nips and been in extreme fucking agony at the end of the day. If you want our hot tip, buy a pair of Knipex Nips. (not because we are selling them, but because they are one of the betterer Nips on the market) They really are a nice tool and if you buy the right sized Nips for your hand can be a dream to use not a pain!.

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