8 Best Formwork Fails

Formwork is a strange trade, not commonly known among the general public but one of the most expensive types of construction performed in the world. Formwork when done correctly looks amazing and impressive. However when done badly is downright funny and scary!

Enjoy some the best 8 Epic Formwork Fails below:

8) Concretor’s fail of Vibing the crete in this one

7) Peri Form Fail – must of blown over in the wind

6) Someone found their phone 1 week after the slab was poured. – Wow

5) Rookie mistake leaving the Vibe in the column – Oh Dear!

4) Epic vibrator fail – Bravo Concreters

3) Hammer left in the slab

2) Tape measure left in the slab – I guess 5000 years from now it would be nice to have these tools left in slabs to help explain what kind of dickhead builders were around in this time.

and finally number 1) …..no words.


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