Why Formworkers need to be sun smart with a wide brim

Ok Lads, Formwork is one of the main occupations in construction that has a high sun exposure rate, probably only second to concreter’s. At least many Formworkers wear a hard hat as protection from hard knocks, concreters not so much. Still it is this built-in complacency from many formworkers that having a hard hat will do the job of keeping the sun off their necks, face and ears. Unfortunately when you think about it, hard hats really only keep the sun off the top of your head. Still think its better than nothing when you turn 50 and need to have half of your ear chopped off for skin cancer?

If you realise the importance of being sunsmart than you will also quickly realise that not only applying sunscreen every couple of hours will help but wearing a wide brim hard hat attachment will also keep your brim game strong and help you avoid skin cancer later in your life.

In most cases you can request your employer to supply you a wide brim attachment to your helmet, in the off chance they don’t or are too slow than you can buy one from here on this page. We have searched the internet and have found one of the cheapest yet high quality products on the internet.

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