Strapping Formwork gear

Lets be honest Lads, strapping formwork gear can be a cunt of a job. First you need to stack the gear neatly, line the gear up, get a strap around the bundle put a metal clip over both ends (if they have lined up!) maintain tension and then fastened the clip with some old knocked about strapping machine that the truck driver keeps like a third child in his truck. In most cases you have to have another go at it coz the fucking clip fell off the bundle while the fucktard truckdriver is screaming out for another load for his truck.

Lads, fortunately it doesn’t need to be this way. All you need is the right equipment fit for purpose and available to you and your formwork gang. Get your boss to buy new strapping gear that works and designated for your gang, not the formwork truck driver/yardsman. We have searched the internet for the cheapest yet highest quality steel strapping coils and complete tensioner and clamp machines. Shop with confidence through our online Formwork store for other cool products.

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