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Here you can buy some cool shit from America. We don’t know about you but we think the bigger your Estwing hammer is the bigger the man you are.  We also think that Occidental Leather tool belts are Fucking cool as shit and every “legitimate” Formworker should wear one.

Or how about the Gorilla Gripper easy Ply wood carrier.




The tool every labourer, carpenter, apprentice and big dog needs in their tool belt.

The TiBone 15oz Stilletto Hammer is made of Aerospace developed Titanium rather than conventional steel. This lightweight metal gives the hammer its strength and lightness and less recoil to the operator. Reducing RSI and even Carpal tunnel syndrome in Carpenters and Laborers. The hammer also has replaceable parts when things wear down. Although a little over $200, the extra money can save your arm in the longterm.

Coming right up on the heels of the Stilletto hammer is Estwings’ Answer to light space-age material alloys incorporated into the good old humble hammer. The Al-Pro Aluminium Alloy hammer that claims to be lighter, good looking and balanced in the hand like the Stiletto. Our verdict… if you like Estwings, buy the Al-Pro. If you dont like Estwing’s than buy Stiletto.

If you want to upgrade your gear or buy new shit because you recently got a cash job and its burning a hole in your pocket or you simply had your self leveling laser stolen by some dickhead bricklayer or damaged by a first year apprentice then this is the place to go for quick and easy formwork shopping.


The most basic tool requirement, however still one of the hardest and most important decision for any Carpenter, Labourer and hammer hand! choose carefully young padawan.

Nail Guns

Nips / Ear Clamp Pliers

We have your range of Cheap Knipex Ear clamp pliers for nail pulling, and the occasional steel tying need.

Carpentry Squares

Set squares and built in levels come in handy when your cutting in on deck or putting together those stairs.

Tape Measures

Not the most exciting tool in your belt, but a measuring tape can save your arse! get a cheap one here from America.

Nail Bags and Tool belts

What can be a big hit in your pocket when your buying yourself a quality nail bag. Buy a quality yet cheap tool belt from us.

Wrecking Bars / Pinch Bars

Also known as a TOVE, these fuckers are beee-utiful when it comes to stripping formwork. A must have item for any serious Formwork stripping Labourer!

Steel Cap Boots and Muck Boots

Construction Clothes & Apparel


Steel Fixing Equipment


Hard Hats

These construction helmets, hard hats are some cool looking protective gear. Whether your after the Iron workers signature hard hat, or a cowboy styling hard hat. We have you covered for your head safety needs.

Hard Hat Accessories

Hard Hat Stickers

Wrapping Film

Formwork Gear!

We have formwork safety DO NOT ENTER signs, a plywood carrier tool, self-leveling laser kit, hard hat attachable ear muffs and tool carry bags.

Other Cool Formwork Gear

Water Bottles and Shit to cool you down

Jobsite Radios

Personal Portable Tool Belt Radios

Patching and waterproofing Formwork Gear
Including cheap Concrete Grinding disks and dust extractor covers. Affordable concrete patching compound delivered all around the world including Australia.

Drill Bits – Concrete
Formwork requires drilling through concrete sometimes, get yourself a cheap proper drill bit here.

Gift Giving Ideas

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