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Bad Riggers

Riggers and labourers tasked to one job, move shit safely from one location to another can be funny and unsafe. Check out these funny and scary photos of some very bad riggers, labourers and truck drivers.  

Funny Formwork Photos On-Site

Being a Formworker, you get to meet some crazy individuals on a construction site, like the one lad that rocks up to site in a Mankini because its a hot summers day. Sometimes you don’t get to meet them but you know they have been there because of the crazy shit they have built. For … Read More

Tag a mate that is always on the Phone

Being on site with a bunch of lads sharing the hard work together can be difficult. There is always that one lad that is always on his phone talking to his girlfriend, wife, mistress or his mum. Tag a mate that is always on his phone when the rest of the lads are doing the … Read More